The Beautiful Smith College Botanic Garden

There’s one botanic garden that I’ve been meaning to visit for sometime. Smith College Botanic Garden is part of Smith College, a liberal arts college for women located in Northampton in Western Massachusetts. Now that spring is here, visiting this garden seems to be the perfect way to enjoy the season. The botanic garden is…


I’m besotted with June, When all the roses bloom. I’m head over heel with the scents, The roses exude. Though they prick me. Oh yes, they prick me! I’m too infatuated to care. D. Yustisia 06/12/16

The Irises Party

The weather has been glorious lately and visiting a garden seems to be perfect. On Saturday afternoon I visited Pardee Rose Garden because I know the irises are blooming everywhere and I’m pretty sure there will be some there. When I got to the garden, I saw the row of irises beautifully lining up on…

The Study of Cyclamens

It’s the third month already in 2016 and I realized I haven’t been writing or posting any journal on this blog. I just started Instagram and I enjoy it so much. Through Instagram I know a couple of watercolor artists. I adore their artworks that involve so many details and brilliant colors. These watercolor artists…

The Buckets of Flowers at Farmers Market

The buckets were merely simple buckets. The plain-white-plastic kind of buckets. There’s no significant whatsoever that made these buckets spectacular. If they stood by themselves, they were just buckets at the farmer’s market. But how simple it was for some zinnias, goldenrods, asters and dahlias could make these buckets into something worth to look at….