I’m besotted with June,

When all the roses bloom.

I’m head over heel with the scents,

The roses exude.

Though they prick me.

Oh yes, they prick me!

I’m too infatuated to care.

D. Yustisia 06/12/16




The Study of Cyclamens

It’s the third month already in 2016 and I realized I haven’t been writing or posting any journal on this blog. I just started Instagram and I enjoy it so much. Through Instagram I know a couple of watercolor artists. I adore their artworks that involve so many details and brilliant colors. These watercolor artists often painting one particular object, such as a flower, and study it meticulously. I was inspired by their watercolor study that I call this journal “the Study of Cyclamens”. Cyclamen is a very unique flower. Its petals open up upward just like a swan lifting its wings. Cyclamens only available during winter and they are among the perfect flowers to lift up your spirit especially when winter feels too long. I got a pot of cyclamens from our market recently and I chose the white ones with frilly petals. I love them a lot and so far the cyclamens keep on blooming and I hope they will thrive for another season (I actually read how to take care of cyclamen after the blooming passes, so let’s see how it’ll turn out).









The Buckets of Flowers at Farmers Market

The buckets were merely simple buckets. The plain-white-plastic kind of buckets. There’s no significant whatsoever that made these buckets spectacular. If they stood by themselves, they were just buckets at the farmer’s market. But how simple it was for some zinnias, goldenrods, asters and dahlias could make these buckets into something worth to look at. How their pinks, purples, yellows, reds and whites could splash some colors unto these undistinguished white buckets, like a blank canvas being painted on. Flowers amazingly are meant to beautify the containers they’re in.

Buckets of Flowers

Buckets of Flowers

Buckets of Flowers

Buckets of Flowers

Buckets of Flowers

Buckets of Flowers

Finding My Inner Peace

There’s so many thoughts that have been racing in my mind. It feels as if I became stoic, senseless and hopeless. I was angry with my self for letting some people or things got a hold of me. Nobody could snap me out of it! I was in a whirlwind of thoughts, lost of purpose and I forgot to exhale. I forgot to read between the lines and see the beauty within. My friends told me to take it easy, but I refused. I put more burdens on my shoulders and I said to my self to keep on moving. I know that I’m at war with my self. My anxiety builds up and I found my self had a hard time to breath. But then there’s a voice that keeps nagging, telling me to calm down. Maybe things are not as bad as I think they would turn out. So I found a chair and sat, opened up my laptop and started to type. One word, two words, and several sentences along the way, while I listened to some of old songs. Songs that have been in my library since I was a teenager. Songs that helped me preparing for the hardest tests. There I sat, swaying my head, mimicking the lyrics and tapping my foot on the ground. I’ve found what I missed lately, a time to be by my self and find my inner peace.

NYC Conservatory Garden

If You Have to Get Lost…

Far away, it seems, in a land where the sun always shines, where the sky opens up and the air smells sweet, there’s a field full of sunflowers. Rows upon rows of breathtaking flowers, nodding and swaying. Nestled behind the stone fences that stand for hundreds of years, secluded between the tree shadows. If you keep silence, all you hear is the sounds of bees buzzing, moving from one flower to the next. They won’t even feel bothered, there’s plenty of flowers that you can admire. When you walk between the long stalks and the heavy flowers, you might feel lost. You might feel small. There in the land of summer, the sunflowers are the giants. Before you leave, you might want to make a wish, for another visit to a far away land, where the sun always shines, the sky opens up and the air smells sweet. Because if you have to get lost, why don’t you get lost amongst the sunflowers?

Lost in the Sunflower Field

Lone Sunflower

Rows of Sunflowers

Sunflower-Opens up

Sunflower Field


I Spy With My Eyes

We live in a regular neighborhood. There doesn’t seem something extraordinary about it. Some part is quieter than others and some is busier. One afternoon I took my son biking and that means, I would run with him or try to catch up. Realizing what a gorgeous afternoon it was, I brought my camera along. On the way to left and right, without certain destination, I looked for something in this regular neighborhood that I’ve come to love, that maybe has some special angles and curves. When I eventually saw several things, I remember a game book that my son and I used to read, called “I Spy”. I had that “aha, I found it” moment here and there. Have you played that game before?

I spy with my eyes:

  • canopies of pear blossoms,
  • some violets under the stairs,
  • a vine-tangled gate,
  • orange daffodils nodding with the wind,
  • an angel guarding pansies, and
  • a hidden nest under forsythia.


Pear Blossoms

Violets Under the Stairs

Vine-tangled Gate


Angel & Pansies

A Hidden Nest

April Morning

I spent the last Friday morning in April walking about the neighborhood. It was a gorgeous morning and the Scilla siberica that I spotted, were blooming.


Scilla siberica


I would spend a morning
With an  April apple tree,
Speaking to it softly
And laughing out in glee.
All the summer sunshine
And all the winter moon
Are shining in the blossoms
That will be gone so soon.
I will spend a morning
With a friendly apple tree,
Hearing many secrets
That it will tell no one.
I will take a morning
To drink the beauty in:
I will take a morning –
But how shall I begin?

– George Elliston –