The Sweetness of Friendship Card

Khalil Gibran has inspired me through his beautiful poems about friendship. That inspiration got me thinking to create something and I made it into a friendship card. The card was my artworks swap with a friend that I know through my crafter friends. Although we haven’t really met in person, but I admire her artworks of her drawings and also her craft works from the photos she shares. She looks like a romantic person by looking at her favorite things that she posted, that’s why I made the card with floral theme and a touch of English country-style with the pot and cups. I was sure she’d love it and she did.

“In the sweetness of friendship, let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.
For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.”

The Sweetness of Friendship card

The Sweetness of Friendship

The Sweetness of Friendship

The Sweetness of Friendship

Sketches of Three Young Musicians

I love to draw and since last year, I’ve become more passionately drawing almost every week, whenever I found my self with nothing to do. This “nothing to do” part is not entirely correct, though. Because at that time, I usually were waiting for my son or daughter, while they practice together with their music ensemble or teacher. All our three children play music instruments. For 30 to 45 minutes I would try to find something to do to occupy my mind, and still paying attention at my kid. Some mothers or fathers who also were waiting, would do their works with their laptop, some were reading or helping their other kids occupied. I was busy drawing.

When I was little, I wanted to draw lots of people. But they never looked as if the were real. I thought to draw people was hard. Then one Saturday, in my son’s ensemble class, I picked up a pencil and started to sketch. My main object was a boy called, Sam, my son’s mate. I was happy with it, and planned to draw more. Then the next week, I drew another kid in the class, a girl named Charlotte who played violin. At the third week, I thought I might try to draw my son. He’s been playing recorder since he was 5 years old, and through my drawing, I might be able to capture how he’s been so far.

Sketch of A Recorder Player

After that, several weeks later, I drew my younger daughter, while she was practicing with her guitar ensemble. Some Sunday could be so boring, when I had to wait for an hour for it. My tiredness seemed multiplying by the time Sunday arrived. So to get away from boredom, I drew again. This was my first attempt to draw my daughter playing guitar. Though, when she saw it, she said that the girl on the drawing didn’t look like her, I was proud of it. I thought, I’ve succeeded catching the essence of my daughter playing guitar.

Sketch of A Guitar Player

It only makes sense, that I should draw all my kids while they were playing their instruments. My oldest’ turn came during her violin group class.  She was standing before me, practicing with them, and I had a huge inspiration. The music that they played, adding such a rush to my mind, that I just draw this, and that, and after several minutes, there she was, my oldest daughter with her hair on a bun, holding her violin, on my sketch book. She looked so tall and mature. It seemed through the drawings, I’ve recorded the way my children are today, and how they’ve grown up so far better than capturing them with a camera. It’s a little bit of nostalgia for me, who’s been involved with the many parts of bringing up three wonderful young musicians since the beginning.
Sketch of A Violin Player

Party Banner From Used Toilet Tissue Rolls

When my daughter’s birthday was approaching, I wanted to decorate her room with something that says “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. Although we didn’t celebrate it with a party, I wanted to create some banners for her. My idea was to re-purpose some toilet tissue rolls that I’ve been saving. The materials that I used were easy to find and simple and I was so happy with the result. The banner looks so pretty!

Banner from toilet tissue rolls


  • A couple of used toilet tissue rolls (the amount depends on how many alphabets would be on the banner)
  • Some paper doilies, preferably in 2 different motifs
  • Alphabet cut-outs or stickers (or hand-drawn)
  • String, ribbon or yarn ( I used jute string).


  1. Flatten all the tissue rolls.
  2. Adhere the paper doilies on each of the tissue rolls. Place them in pattern or differently to accentuate.
  3. Arrange the decorated tissue rolls in pattern, then adhere the alphabets with the intended spelling (mine is HAPPY BDAY).
  4. Insert the string into the roll with the last alphabet in the line-up, first, then take out the string, make a loop and insert the string back. Repeat this action for the rests of the rolls.
  5. Arrange the banner on the wall to decorate your celebration.

Banner from toilet tissue rolls

Banner from toilet tissue rolls

Hanging Scrapbook Box With Vintage Look

In the spirit of the Earth Day, I created a hanging scrapbook box with recycle materials. The idea has been on my mind for a long time, but just recently that I created it waiting for the perfect moment. Our younger daughter’s birthday is approaching and I wanted to make her something special, not just a regular birthday card. I used the photo of her that I took last year on her birthday. She’s into Harry Potter story, so she put on the get-up pretending to be one of the accepted student of Hogwarts. I used a used-snack box for the main material and several pages from an old book. The base to place the photo is from a piece of cardboard. I also used some vintage buttons for decoration and a bird feather (that I found during my morning walk). I chose a vintage-look style to match the idea of the magic world of Harry Potter, with my daughter’s favorite colors in mind too.


  • Used snack box (make sure it’s clean-no oily or sticky spot);
  • Pages from an old book;
  • A piece of cardboard;
  • Some scrap papers;
  • Vintage/old buttons;
  • Hole paper punch;
  • Ribbon or string;
  • Some ink stamps;
  • Photograph;
  • Other decorations (bird feather, paper flowers, piece of doily).

How to Make Hanging Scrapbook Box


  1. Prepare the snack box, cut off the small flaps at the opening.
  2. Adhere the old pages unto the box, layer by layer covering up the whole box (not the top part.
  3. Make two holes on the sides of the box, and insert the ribbon/string into the holes and make some knots.
  4. Crumple some old pages and stuff them into the box. Close the box and glue it. Cover the top part of the box with the old page.
  5. Color the covered-box with green ink stamp, dabbing it like so to create a vintage look.
  6. Prepare the used-cardboard piece by stripping one part of it. Color it with vintage photo ink stamp. Adhere the photo unto the cardboard piece.
  7. Decorate the box with vintage buttons, a bird feather, some paper flowers and the sentiment.
  8. Cut some paper scraps into 4 parts and cover all the box corners with them.
  9. Hang the scrapbook box in your favorite area of the wall. Make sure not to hang it near a damp area.

Hanging Scrapbook Box

Hanging Scrapbook Box

Hanging Scrapbook Box

Hanging Scrapbook Box

Notes for A Daughter

A birthday is always a special occasion to me, especially if it’s my children’s. When my daughter’s birthday was approaching, I felt very nostalgic inside. All the milestones that she’s been through, played in my mind from an invisible projector. One by one was shown from the time I was in labor with her for 26 hours, to the first time I held her. From the moment I held her hand and she made her first steps, to the recent time just two weeks ago, when I told her she got accepted into her favorite high school. She screamed overcoming with joy, then cried and embraced me. Her head on my left shoulder, just like when she was a baby, that was her favorite place to be. My daughter is taller than me now, and she really can hold her head high, full of confidence wherever she is. Although at some points she would behave like any teenage girl, nagging me like crazy with the words “Can I?”, I love her anyway.

For my daughter’s 14th birthday, I made her a card. Not that it’s extraordinary, though each year that I made her a birthday card, is always something different. Sometimes she had a special request, a certain type of card with one of kind appearance. This time, I wanted to give her some notes of what I feel about her that I want her to know. I created a gathering of notes added with most of her favorite things, that when she opens each page she will find some wisdom and my wishes for her. I knew she would love and cherish it. Here it is, NOTES FOR A DAUGHTER…

Birthday album (front)

Birthday album (p.1)

Birthday album (p. 2)

Birthday album (p.3)

Birthday album (p.4)

Birthday album (p.5)

Spring theme birthday card (4)

A Colorful Daisy Mandala

I admit, I like impressing others through my art works. Although, not every time I would create something for someone, one admiration is more than enough when it’s coming from a very special person. The special person that will receive the handmade mandala that I made yesterday, is my children’s senior music teacher.  Grace was my oldest daughter’s ensemble teacher then, now is my son’s. We’ve been involved with many musical activities with her through the years. She plays violin, viola da gamba, recorder and also is a very excellent drawing artist. One day Grace approached me and said,”I heard from Sarah (my son’s recorder teacher) about your greeting card”. After that, I enjoyed making cards for her for Christmas or her birthday. She collects some of my sketches that I drew during her rehearsal with the ensemble class. I feel very related to her in a way artist sees other artist. For her upcoming birthday this weekend, there’ll be a musical party in the theme of Baroque Play-In, like last year. Young and old will involve and play together on Saturday, and we’ll have lots of fun.

At first, I was thinking of giving Grace another birthday card, but then I changed my mind. Because whenever I was in her studio, my mind became enticed by the many drawings, and interesting things that she put to decorate her studio. So I thought, perhaps she’d be happy to accept a handmade gift from me in a shape of mandala. I chose to create a mandala, because of the intricate design it has and the representation. Mandala basically means circle in Sanskrit. It’s the way we see universe as a whole out of the many shapes and patterns, also colors. Last night I started my project of making the mandala and before midnight, it was finished. I am ecstatic with the outcome and love all the details. I used several types of cardstock papers in different colors. To highlight and put some colors unto the mandala, I used gold-ink pen and ink stamp. This colorful daisy mandala will be kept in a shadow box and be ready for Grace’s birthday present.

To know more about MANDALA, visit this link.


Colorful Mandala (2)

Colorful Mandala (4)

Colorful Mandala (3)

Turning Take-Out Bag Into Pretty Gift Bag

I just love reusing things that can still be reuse. For this reason, I used the piles of take-out bags and turned them into pretty gift bags. I believe some of us keep the bags from ordering food as take-out or bringing food home in a doggie bags from a restaurant. So, why not reuse them for something like gift bags, that in this holiday season will be so useful to send out some gifts. Turning the take-out bag into a gift bag is so easy, you can even ask your children to help you with it and even personalize it with their own flair.

These are some of the materials needed to create the gift bags:

  • Take-out bags
  • Hole reinforcements
  • Ribbon/strong yarn/ twine/ string
  • Glue
  • Old cardboard, for the base
  • Things to decorate (doily, baker’s twine, old button, etc.)
  • Needle, to sew or use to prick the bag
  • Hole punch
  • Your creativity



Fold the take-out bag into 2.

Open the bag, and fold the half-part of it inward, adhere with glue.

Punch 4 holes on the wide sides of the bag.

Adhere the hole reinforcements on the inside part of the holes.

Tie 2 ribbons/yarns/strings/twines and make very strong knots.

Cut-out the old cardboard into certain size for the base, and put it on the bottom of the bag.

Decorate the bags by:

– Adhering some doilies, and old buttons, then prick the bag making snowflake patterns.
– Adhering cut-out old book pages unto the side of the bag, and sew baker’s twine to make star pattern.
– Put something fun and cute like a bell dangling from the bag holder.

Have fun crafting!

Gift bag from take out bag

Gift bag from take out bag

Gift bag from take out bag

Gift bag from take out bag

Gift bag from take out bag