Temptation, Thy Name is Krypton

Temptation, Thy name is Krypton. Spell, Enchantment, Your mantra divulged. And my soul, my dear soul, shivered and shriveled. When you Entice me, Persuade me, Allure me. O, Krypton! D. Yustisia 10/01/15

The Writings on the Wall

In the corner of a busy block in Brooklyn, I came upon some writings on the wall. I stared at it smiling and my mind wandered to once upon a time when the time was younger and nicer. The writings on the wall took me to a story of a girl who loved a boy…

Between the Light and the Dark in New York City

One day, I walked pass by the street in Manhattan and saw the Chrysler Building almost two hours before sunset came. Sunlight reflected on its gleaming metal body creating a pink hue. I was mesmerized. Standing on the edge of busy Manhattan street, I took several shots of the  building that its luster lasts through…

Dear Diary: Letter for an Old Boyfriend

Dear old boyfriend, I found your emotions typed neatly on a piece of yellowing paper. I read the contents of your heart in the A-B-C’s of your unsophisticated language. In those whirling-twirling, upside-down and lopsided world we called “our world”, I was yours and you were mine. I have listened to the relentless words upon…

Another Day in Paradise

While I was walking towards Grand Central Terminal, accompanying my two daughters and their friend, I came upon this man. I was taking several shots of the Chrysler Building at night, when suddenly my eyes saw the man sleeping on the sidewalk. He laid down on what it seemed to be two pieces of cardboard….