The Writings on the Wall

In the corner of a busy block in Brooklyn, I came upon some writings on the wall. I stared at it smiling and my mind wandered to once upon a time when the time was younger and nicer. The writings on the wall took me to a story of a girl who loved a boy and a boy who was crazy for her. They were young, indeed, only 19, a pair of fools in love. Each never thought of what would becoming of them. They never shared their dreams and still unsure about their own future. But to be 19 and in love, you’re allowed to go crazy beyond realization that what came next might just be the end of everything. Love made you did something silly. “Would you be my wife?”, the boy asked one day. The girl was astounded. The boy might just got caught up in a moment (it was his birthday anyway). But maybe something more happened deep in his heart. The girl looked the boy in the eyes, wanting to know if what she heard was real.

I read the writings on the wall and I distinctly heard my self said,”I do”.



Dear Diary: Letter for an Old Boyfriend


Dear old boyfriend,

I found your emotions typed neatly on a piece of yellowing paper.
I read the contents of your heart in the A-B-C’s of your unsophisticated language.
In those whirling-twirling, upside-down and lopsided world we called “our world”, I was yours and you were mine.
I have listened to the relentless words upon words from your lips.
You whispered some nonsensical dreams that I didn’t mind at all.

And I had heard them in the hundreds hours we shared. I have felt them through your fingers.
Then you came, and you have come, and you made me glad. You made me mad about you.
We spoke about life, though we must’ve sounded pathetic.
Did we have some memories then? Here and there, have you ever looked at them? Searched for them, deep in your mind?
Then, you remember. I, too, remember a part of us. The way we were.
I called you ‘my beloved’ and you let me. You let me.
I let you submerged in my ambiguity and I called it LOVE.

Ever yours,

D. Yustisia 05/28/15

Once Upon Autumn

Once upon autumn, a girl was standing under a gingko tree. She asked me,”Why are we here? It’s cold”. I told her, it’s such a beautiful Saturday morning and I didn’t want to miss it. “Let’s play with the leaves!” I said to her. The girl picked up two leaves and played with them. Then she crouched down, picking up some more. She was surrounding by the sea of yellow leaves, how pretty. I asked her to play around and be silly. The girl smiled, unsure, but she went ahead. She threw her arms above her head and the gingko leaves came raining down on her. I saw her big smile and it made me smile.

Enjoy the season, sweetheart! Embrace autumn!

Girl & Foliage

Girl & Foliage

Girl & Foliage

Girl & Foliage

When You Take A Girl to SOHO

When you take a girl to Soho, she would want to dress up. She said, New York is city with a style. There, she would want to explore  and she would be in awe. It’s cool, she said. I would ask her to pose, “Be my model”, I said. She gave me a look, smiled shyly and let me take her pictures. Then she stopped in front of a store asking me if she could go in. I could see something has inspired her. This girl who was excited to be in Soho, already had plan for another adventure. “Can we?” she asked me. Her eyes pleading and a big smile appeared. I could imagine her trying out some outfit and she would say,”When in New York, you have to go out in style”. I know she’ll pose for me again. She’ll let me keep the things I see about her that I love most, being my daughter.


A Girl in Soho

A Girl in Soho

A Girl in Soho

When A Man Loves A Woman

When I was visiting the campus of University of Pennsylvania, I spotted a wedding couple who was there to get some shots for their wedding pictures. The bride was walking barefoot, apparently tiring from walking on her high heels. Her groom walked beside her while holding her shoes. I was touched by the scene. Such romantic moment like that may only seen once in a while. I always respect some men who don’t complain about the floral bedspreads or pink pillows. Or those who learn to write a poem no matter how hard, just because he has to show his sweetheart that he matters, that their relationship is special. I think each couple is unique. Each has its own special things that connect the couple in a way that they can last. I think it’s faith. The faith that no matter what, they can withstand any obstacles. It’s not just love. When you find someone who makes sense to you the most, your heart will accept him or her, and your soul is at ease. When you choose the one to live by your side for a very long time, you believe that you will thrive. The groom with his bride’s shoes is merely a symbol, of how that faith starts. The faith that will eventually get tried and tried again to strengthen it.

(For the man who learned to write a love poem for me, and made me special. Happy anniversary.)


Wedding Couple

A Father’s Love is On His Shoulders

A father is someone whose shoulders are a place to be to see the puppet show that’s too far away.

This is my photo journal inspired by Father’s Day that’s coming soon. I’ve been taking some pictures of father and child moments for sometimes, and I thought it’ll be nice to put those candid pictures on my blog to celebrate a father’s love. To me, a father’s love is the strength that gives a child ‘the push’ to be who she/he is going to be.

Father's day inspired

Sketches of Three Young Musicians

I love to draw and since last year, I’ve become more passionately drawing almost every week, whenever I found my self with nothing to do. This “nothing to do” part is not entirely correct, though. Because at that time, I usually were waiting for my son or daughter, while they practice together with their music ensemble or teacher. All our three children play music instruments. For 30 to 45 minutes I would try to find something to do to occupy my mind, and still paying attention at my kid. Some mothers or fathers who also were waiting, would do their works with their laptop, some were reading or helping their other kids occupied. I was busy drawing.

When I was little, I wanted to draw lots of people. But they never looked as if the were real. I thought to draw people was hard. Then one Saturday, in my son’s ensemble class, I picked up a pencil and started to sketch. My main object was a boy called, Sam, my son’s mate. I was happy with it, and planned to draw more. Then the next week, I drew another kid in the class, a girl named Charlotte who played violin. At the third week, I thought I might try to draw my son. He’s been playing recorder since he was 5 years old, and through my drawing, I might be able to capture how he’s been so far.

Sketch of A Recorder Player

After that, several weeks later, I drew my younger daughter, while she was practicing with her guitar ensemble. Some Sunday could be so boring, when I had to wait for an hour for it. My tiredness seemed multiplying by the time Sunday arrived. So to get away from boredom, I drew again. This was my first attempt to draw my daughter playing guitar. Though, when she saw it, she said that the girl on the drawing didn’t look like her, I was proud of it. I thought, I’ve succeeded catching the essence of my daughter playing guitar.

Sketch of A Guitar Player

It only makes sense, that I should draw all my kids while they were playing their instruments. My oldest’ turn came during her violin group class.  She was standing before me, practicing with them, and I had a huge inspiration. The music that they played, adding such a rush to my mind, that I just draw this, and that, and after several minutes, there she was, my oldest daughter with her hair on a bun, holding her violin, on my sketch book. She looked so tall and mature. It seemed through the drawings, I’ve recorded the way my children are today, and how they’ve grown up so far better than capturing them with a camera. It’s a little bit of nostalgia for me, who’s been involved with the many parts of bringing up three wonderful young musicians since the beginning.
Sketch of A Violin Player