Day 6 B&W: The Lake

There is a lake – but I forget its name,
that flickers in my memory like flame!
Guarded by Dolomites whose magic glow
Of red primeval merges into snow.
A lake so beautiful, God gave it birth
By melting one vast emerald on earth!
And as with lovely sound the air may fill,
Though chords are hushed and all the strings be still,
So will this lake – but I forget its name-
Flicker within my memory like flame!

Eleanour Norton

I know the picture is not a picture of a lake, but I love the poem and the picture side by side. I took the picture of Triphammer Falls during our spring break vacation to Ithaca in Upstate New York this year. The falls were simply amazing and I can’t wait to visit more falls there.

Triphammer Falls - Ithaca


A Rainbow in the Sky

I know it’s been a while. It’s not because I didn’t have anything to share, I have plenty. I wish I could blame the hour, how come it’s only 24 hours. But if a day even has 100 hours, at some point, all I could muster was a blank stare on the monitor. So, how about a picture? A picture can speak a thousand words, right? Here it is, I present to you a picture I took while I was on the road. A rainbow in the sky is not an extraordinary thing, but when there’s not even a drop of rain fell and there’s a rainbow, it’s a miracle!


“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”.

                                                                           Maya Angelou

Almost Sunset in Norwalk

Not all beaches are created equal. Some have white sand, some are rocky. Some have the bluest water, some have white foamy waves. Not all beaches have the same  sunset sceneries. But while you are on the beach, any kind of beach, sunset is always sure becoming the main attraction. This is Norwalk Beach in Connecticut. I came here  to attend the Oyster Festival last year in September. It is small and doesn’t have white sandy beach or the bluest water. Nevertheless, sunset on Norwalk Beach was surely a wonderful sight to see.

Norwalk Beach

Norwalk Beach (2)

Norwalk Beach (3)

Norwalk Beach at Sunset

Twilight At Sea

THE twilight hours, like birds, flew by,

As lightly and as free,

Ten thousand stars were in the sky,

Ten thousand on the sea;

For every wave, with dimpled face,

That leaped upon the air,

Had caught a star in its embrace,

And held it trembling there.

– Amelia C. Welby –

Photo was taken in the Lobster Shack picnic yard at Two Lights Road in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.