I’m besotted with June, When all the roses bloom. I’m head over heel with the scents, The roses exude. Though they prick me. Oh yes, they prick me! I’m too infatuated to care. D. Yustisia 06/12/16

The Autumn Flame

It’s November again and I have been lacking in writing my journal. The long gloomy days have produced some restless thoughts. Autumn begins to unravel and soon all the trees will be bare. Yet another November comes to mind and the flame that has hidden, arises. HIDDEN FLAME       –       John Dryden I feed a flame…

Temptation, Thy Name is Krypton

Temptation, Thy name is Krypton. Spell, Enchantment, Your mantra divulged. And my soul, my dear soul, shivered and shriveled. When you Entice me, Persuade me, Allure me. O, Krypton! D. Yustisia 10/01/15

Dear Diary: Letter for an Old Boyfriend

Dear old boyfriend, I found your emotions typed neatly on a piece of yellowing paper. I read the contents of your heart in the A-B-C’s of your unsophisticated language. In those whirling-twirling, upside-down and lopsided world we called “our world”, I was yours and you were mine. I have listened to the relentless words upon…

Give Me of Your Yellow!

Autumn, autumn, give me of your yellow, Give it unto me for hope – the hope I could not hold; For where your gold is burning I feel the dream returning, The darling pain of yearning whose passing left me old.   A Song in Autumn – Theodosia Garrison