I’m besotted with June, When all the roses bloom. I’m head over heel with the scents, The roses exude. Though they prick me. Oh yes, they prick me! I’m too infatuated to care. D. Yustisia 06/12/16

Such is Life

Heart free, hand free, Blue above, brown under, All the world to me Is a place of wonder. Sun shine, moon shine, Stars, and winds a-blowing, All into this heart of mine Flowing, flowing, flowing!   Mind free, step free, Days to follow after, Joys of life sold to me For the price of laughter….

Roses in The Snow

Here in the sifted sunlight  A spirit seems to brood On the beauty and work of being, In tranquil, instinctive mood; And the heart, athrob with gladness Such as the wise earth knows, Wells with a full thanksgiving For the gifts that life bestows.   An Autumn Garden – Bliss Carman

New York’s Secret Garden

While walking with friends and my family to see the Brooklyn Bridge, we came upon some roses that were thrust between iron fence. Looking inside it, we were stunned to see more magnificent flowers bloomed in a petite garden beside a red-brick apartment building. We were busy exclaiming and wowing with ourselves, then we found…