Winter Scenery in New Haven

By now, I should’ve had said that I dislike winter. Snow, more snow and some more to come. But even when on the three Mondays that we had snow storms, I enjoyed them nonetheless. There’s something magical about winter when I look at the snow when they fall. Quiet, almost in a hush, but as soon as I step outside the warmth of our home, I’ll feel it. The tiny prick on my cheeks, the small drop of wetness on my hair, the sudden cold on my skin. Living in New England means that our fall would be brimming with colors and our winter would be cold and white. Some days are harder than the rests. The temperature drops, the wind chills and unfortunately I have to go out. I have a choice to either complain about the weather or simply mum and absorb whatever is happening. On the days when there’s no school bus to pick up my kids, I took them to school by the city bus. After I dropped them off to school, I would later walk a round a bit braving the cold. So that I won’t feel depressed about this long winter. Then I took some pictures. I could hear my teeth were chattering and my body was shivering, but it’s just a stroll around the block. Well, not even. I could hear people exasperating about winter. They say winter is awful, but I see plethora of wonderful things about it. Soon, people will forget when the spring comes, about how awful this winter has been. Meanwhile, I’ll put on my gloves and winter hat for another stroll around the block.

Snow Days

Snow Days

A Red House & the Snow

Snow Days

Snow Days

Snow Days

Snow Days

Snow Days

Snow Days

Snow Days

Snow Days

Snow Days

Snow Days

One Winter Morning in the Woods

There’s nothing bland about winter. The trees are leafless. The grass are brown. The wind is cold and colder. There might be some blue sky in between the gloomy days, and we rejoice. Oh, how we rejoice!! The shadows cast longer in winter. It seems they’re floating unwittingly following the sun, unsure if it’s going to stay shining or hidden behind the clouds. Then the snow comes, like an eternal promise. For there’s only one color exists in winter and it’s exuberant!

There’s nothing bland about winter, when you take a walk into the woods. The almost- frozen river moves in slow motion. The rocks sprout out between the icy water. A bird twitters calling out its friends, maybe it wants to know if the storm will come over. The yesterday snow laid out on the ground like a white carpet. With every step made, crunch of the dying leaves are heard. The woods fall solemn as winter wishes to stay for another day. Another day, before Spring arrives with its splendor.










Nasty Charlotte, A Photography Jounal

By Friday afternoon, I got worried. The snow that fell becoming increasingly hard. The blizzard of 2013 just began. Charlotte was its name, the blizzard of one of a kind. The wind swept and blew in a menacing speed. It banged and rattled the windows, and I couldn’t sleep. I accompanied my son who had high fever and laid beside him, while I kept checking in outside. The destruction that Hurricane Sandy caused are still looming in our state and neighborhood, and now another storm made quite a stir. On Saturday morning, the scene around our home was extraordinary. Our car and our neighbors’ were engulfed in the snow. Everywhere is snow, snow and more snow. About 30-something inches of snow, covered our neighborhood and we’re stuck. Too much snow to dig, so that our car could even be seen again. Too much snow for me and my daughter, who shoveled the front entrance to our home. Just too much. But amidst the snow, some pictures are without a doubt memorable and awesome.

Our front yard was covered with snow.

Snow All the Way

Two Feet of Snow

A man resting on his shovel after too much shoveling.

Resting After Shoveling Job

Cars beneath the snow.

Car Beneath the Snow

Cars Engulfed by Snow

Clear blue sky after the storm.

Blue Sky After the Storm

Keep on shoveling!

Keep Shoveling (2)

Keep Shoveling!

November Snow

We are not accustomed to snow in November, especially because Fall is not officially over yet. But the first snow storm hit us, sadly, ten days after hurricane Sandy went berserk. For more than 12 hours non-stop, strong wind blew and snow amassed, as if not going to give us a break. But, snow is beautiful and I always love waking up to a world of white, a winter wonderland. It seemed the world is quieter and peaceful when snow arrives.

The New Snow

Saturday morning I woke up feeling rather uneasy. I so wanted to go back to sleep, but two of my kids had music lessons. But then a wonderful announcement from my husband,”It’s snowing outside!” It wasn’t just snowing, it’s a blizzard! My son opened his big eyes, still sleepy, ran to the window and said ,”It’s about time!” In the end, I got to spend my Saturday indoor almost all day, since the music school closed due to the blizzard. Such blessing in disguise. Although, as soon as the snow stopped falling, my girls and I went shoveling for a good hour or so, it was still a fine Saturday after all.


“Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky!

Ring out the old, ring, in the new,

Ring, happy bells, across the snow!”

Alfred Lord Tennyson


Snow Formation

October Snow

We got a surprise last weekend, some snow! There I was still thinking about going  to the woods to see some autumn’s colors, to take some pictures of New England’s autumn scenery, but then had to come face to face with our first snow storm. It wasn’t that bad in our neck of the woods, but we felt dumbfounded anyway. We have “A White Halloween” today and to mark this unique phenomenon, I post some pictures I took of a cemetery. The cemetery looked peaceful, solemn and mysterious blanketed with the first snow. The storm just started and I braved my self under heavy snow taking these pictures, while every once in a while some passing cars would splash me with icy water from the street.

Civil War Hero's Grave

It's Snowing in October!

The Snowed Gates

The Old Gates