Sketching and Waiting for The Tulips to Bloom

What would be the perfect way to welcome the May Day? I decided to sit around in the backyard and look at one of the tulip bulb. The morning of May 1st was extraordinary pretty and warm. I was sun bathing while sitting on the grass, tried to sketch a tulip. The would be dark-purple-almost-black tulips, are almost blooming and I’m so excited. This is the first time I’m planting tulips, so you can imagine my excitement to see that they are actually growing.When the tulips were just emerging, an animal, perhaps a squirrel, gnawed several of the young leaves, living behind ugly views. As the tulips grow tall, the leaves are a reminder how they survive. I felt really peaceful sketching in the backyard. I’m planning to draw more picture of the tulip as it blooms.



My sketch of one of the tulip bulb.

Sketch: Tulip


May, Begins

May begins with the blue sky and shimmering wind. It begins with the falling petals of magnolias and some cherry blossoms. May belongs to the tulips and the Kanzan blossoms. Like the pink paradise, the blossoms color May like there’s no other color in the world. Wild flowers sprouting here and there, near the fence, under the trees and decorating the side of the street. May is yellow, red, orange, pink and purple. May also belongs to a twelve-year old girl who was celebrating a happy and wonderful birthday when it finally arrives.

Lone Red Tulip

Kanzan Cherry Blossoms


Sugar Maple Tree

Dried Acorn

Wild flower

Kiss Me Red

When I was just starting to really learn about photography some years ago, I felt very stimulated by some interesting things I found on the road. One late Spring when I took the kids to visit Central Park, I saw lots of Tulips were blooming near the Boat House. People flocked the place, and in every corner everyone was buzzing with conversations. Among the purple, fuchsia and yellow tulips, was the most attractive of all, a yellow tulip with a touch of red. I looked here and there for any sign of red tulips, but there was none. It’s a mystery its self how the yellow tulip got its red color. Perhaps a fairy came and kissed it.

(Note: This is me still in the reminiscing mood from my old blog – the photo was taken by my loyal pocket camera.)

Bi-color Tulip

Lost in Elizabeth Park

I’ve heard of Elizabeth Park for sometimes, but my first time visiting this beautiful and elegant park was in April. The Spring has just began with the promise of blooming Tulips in the park. No one said about the rose garden and how it is so amazing, even though the roses haven’t bloomed yet.¬† I love its green lawn that sprawling all over this 102-acres park. The park was named after the wife of a wealthy industrialist and statesmen, Charles M. Pond. I was lost for words describing one of National historic places located¬† in West Hartford, Connecticut. Blue sky, crisp air, green grass, abundant of birds and plethora of blooming flowers. Heaven is somehow nestled here, in Elizabeth Park.

The Arches at Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park, West Harford

Hut at Rose Garde

Red TulipsRose Arches

Bicolor Tulip

Pink & Purple Tulips

Yellow Tulip

A Girl at Elizabeth Park

White Flower

The Bluebells

Yellow Flowers



Stone Tiles

Cherry Blossom

White Cherry Blossom