Party Banner From Used Toilet Tissue Rolls

When my daughter’s birthday was approaching, I wanted to decorate her room with something that says “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. Although we didn’t celebrate it with a party, I wanted to create some banners for her. My idea was to re-purpose some toilet tissue rolls that I’ve been saving. The materials that I used were easy to find and simple and I was so happy with the result. The banner looks so pretty!

Banner from toilet tissue rolls


  • A couple of used toilet tissue rolls (the amount depends on how many alphabets would be on the banner)
  • Some paper doilies, preferably in 2 different motifs
  • Alphabet cut-outs or stickers (or hand-drawn)
  • String, ribbon or yarn ( I used jute string).


  1. Flatten all the tissue rolls.
  2. Adhere the paper doilies on each of the tissue rolls. Place them in pattern or differently to accentuate.
  3. Arrange the decorated tissue rolls in pattern, then adhere the alphabets with the intended spelling (mine is HAPPY BDAY).
  4. Insert the string into the roll with the last alphabet in the line-up, first, then take out the string, make a loop and insert the string back. Repeat this action for the rests of the rolls.
  5. Arrange the banner on the wall to decorate your celebration.

Banner from toilet tissue rolls

Banner from toilet tissue rolls

Hanging Scrapbook Box With Vintage Look

In the spirit of the Earth Day, I created a hanging scrapbook box with recycle materials. The idea has been on my mind for a long time, but just recently that I created it waiting for the perfect moment. Our younger daughter’s birthday is approaching and I wanted to make her something special, not just a regular birthday card. I used the photo of her that I took last year on her birthday. She’s into Harry Potter story, so she put on the get-up pretending to be one of the accepted student of Hogwarts. I used a used-snack box for the main material and several pages from an old book. The base to place the photo is from a piece of cardboard. I also used some vintage buttons for decoration and a bird feather (that I found during my morning walk). I chose a vintage-look style to match the idea of the magic world of Harry Potter, with my daughter’s favorite colors in mind too.


  • Used snack box (make sure it’s clean-no oily or sticky spot);
  • Pages from an old book;
  • A piece of cardboard;
  • Some scrap papers;
  • Vintage/old buttons;
  • Hole paper punch;
  • Ribbon or string;
  • Some ink stamps;
  • Photograph;
  • Other decorations (bird feather, paper flowers, piece of doily).

How to Make Hanging Scrapbook Box


  1. Prepare the snack box, cut off the small flaps at the opening.
  2. Adhere the old pages unto the box, layer by layer covering up the whole box (not the top part.
  3. Make two holes on the sides of the box, and insert the ribbon/string into the holes and make some knots.
  4. Crumple some old pages and stuff them into the box. Close the box and glue it. Cover the top part of the box with the old page.
  5. Color the covered-box with green ink stamp, dabbing it like so to create a vintage look.
  6. Prepare the used-cardboard piece by stripping one part of it. Color it with vintage photo ink stamp. Adhere the photo unto the cardboard piece.
  7. Decorate the box with vintage buttons, a bird feather, some paper flowers and the sentiment.
  8. Cut some paper scraps into 4 parts and cover all the box corners with them.
  9. Hang the scrapbook box in your favorite area of the wall. Make sure not to hang it near a damp area.

Hanging Scrapbook Box

Hanging Scrapbook Box

Hanging Scrapbook Box

Hanging Scrapbook Box

Make Your Own Goddie Box

Got milk carton? Got big juice box? How about turning them into some goodie boxes. That’s what I did for my oldest daughter’s birthday. She wanted to bring some goodies to give to her close friends at school. Since I had several milk cartons and juice boxes, I thought why didn’t I just use them to my heart content. The process to make each one was easy-peasy. You can try this project for you summer vacation craft with your children, niece or nephew, grandchildren, or even you friends. Make sure you have special theme in mind that you’re going to implement into your boxes. Next time you have some gathering or afternoon tea party, how about giving your guests your handmade goodie box. Shall we create one, then?


  • used milk cartons/ juice boxes
  • Modge Podge glue or other type of white glue
  • patterned-paper (scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, magazine page, etc.)
  • wire, yarn or ribbon
  • decorations (sticker, paper flower, button, etc.)
  • hole punch

How to make:

  1. Cut the box measuring 1/2 way til the box separated.
  2. Measure the patterned-paper you want to use as the box.
  3. Adhere patterned-paper unto the box using Modge Podge or other glue.
  4. Make two holes with hole punch.
  5. Tie the wire, yarn or ribbon for the handle.
  6. Decorate the box as pretty as you like.

Two kinds of goodie bags

Milk carton goodie bags

Milk carton  goodie bags

Milk carton goodie bags

Create Your Cute Candy Dispenser

When my daughter’s birthday was approaching, she asked me to make goodie bags to give to her closest friends. I prepared some goodie bags and also candy dispensers using used plastic water bottles. We use the small water bottles in our car anyway, so I’ve got plenty of the empty ones. For the decoration, again I profited from my stash of used things, this time envelopes from the bills we received. The patterns behind some envelopes are wonderful to match up with my other decorations. Here’s how I made these cute and pretty candy dispensers.


  • used plastic water bottles (small)
  • used envelopes
  • washi tape
  • ribbon
  • rubberstamp
  • ink stamp
  • decorative-edged scissors
  • scrap papers
  • glue
  • candies ( you can also fill the bottles with beads or flower seeds).


  1. Wash the bottles with dish soap and let them dry.
  2. Cut the envelope with decorative-edged scissors. The width is about 2 inches.
  3. Adhere the cut-up envelope unto the bottle, then wrap the middle part with the washi tape.
  4. Stamp the sentiment and the image on scrap papers. Adhere the stamped image unto the bottle.
  5. Wrap a ribbon unto the neck of the bottle and adhere the other stamped image, making it looks like a necklace.
  6. Fill the bottles with candies.

Pretty Water Bottle

Candy dispenser with used bottles

Candy Dispenser with Used Bottles

Notebooks for Beloved Teachers

It’s that time of year again when I have to rush in the morning preparing three kids who still want to sleep to go to school. Although this year is a little bit different. The kids’ first day of school got postponed because of tropical storm Irene. Since the school lost its electricity for days. It’s a surprise to think that my kids were devastated by the news. So when the first day came finally, they actually cheered. They even woke up without any trouble and happily prepared themselves. Wow, I was amazed!

Before the school started, there was the school orientation for parents to fill up forms (times 3 for me, ugh) and for the students to know which teachers and classrooms they’ll have. To appreciate and get to know the kids’ teachers, I made several notebooks for them. The notebooks were made out of used products: tissue boxes and groceries bags. You know there are lots of cute and charming tissue boxes with awesome motifs, so why not use them for your craft. From one grocery bag (such as from Whole Food), you can get 30 pieces of 8,5 x 11cm notes. On the first day school last Friday, my kids brought the notebooks and a bag of sweet treats to school to say hi to their new teachers.

What you need:

– used tissue boxes

– groceries bags/ brown bags

– color rubber bands

– buttons and alphabet charms

– paper flowers

– ink stamp and sponge make-up (optional)

– patterned & regular scissors

– marker

– glue

– hole punch

How to make:

1. Cut the front and back sides of the tissue box and then cut into half. Punch two holes on the top side. These will be the front and back cover of the notebook.

2. Cut the grocery bag into small pieces of 8,5 x 11cm. Punch two holes copying the notebook cover holes.

3. Pick two rubber bands (preferably different colors). Tie one rubber band into one hole, then tie another one for another hole. Tie the two rubber bands together like so.

4. Make the decoration for the front cover. Cut small piece from tissue box with patterned scissors and distressed it with ink stamp. Write down JUST A NOTE on the piece.

5. Adhere the sentiment on the front cover and decorate with paper flower and button (for female teacher) or button with alphabet charm (for male teacher).

Notebooks from tissue boxes & groceries bags

Note book from brown papers & tissue box

Notebooks from tissue boxes & groceries bags