Not All The Greens are Grass

When in Spring, look up! Maybe you’ll see the sugar maple tree in bloom. You will see plethora of green flowers against the backdrop of blue sky. Green, but not leaves. So refreshing as the green grass. Petite flowers, thousands of them, all are pretty. Go ahead, look up! You don’t want to miss the view! Because in Spring, not all the greens are grass. They can be flowers too.

Maple tree flowers

Accer saccharum (Sugar Maple) flowers

Maple tree flowers

Acer saccharum (Sugar Maple) flowers


4 thoughts on “Not All The Greens are Grass

  1. christinelaennec

    What beautiful photographs, and of the magnolias as well. I remember someone once pointing to trees at that stage of leaf, and saying, “If you see that colour green in a crayon, you’d say ‘That doesn’t occur in nature’ – but it does!”

  2. How lovely! Your language is almost poetic and the photos are beautiful.

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